Corinne Loperfido is a social practice artist whose colorful maximalist work spans visual & performance art, upcycled fashion & costume design, and community event production focused on women’s empowerment and environmental activism. Her most recent projects include Trash Temple at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and her ornate tiny home on wheels made from mostly natural & reclaimed materials. In all areas of her work and life, Corinne focuses on using materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill in an effort to minimize her own impact and hopefully inspire others to reconsider their participation in our current system of extractive capitalism. 

Corinne integrates everything from discarded clothing from the fast fashion industry, to medical waste & e-waste to single use food & beverage packaging to create her floor-to-ceiling installations and immersive performance spaces. Weaving together materials that other people have sent "away", she uses these discarded resources to create new worlds where we value what we have and take care of the things that already exist instead of continuing to act as if our Earth is a bottomless pit for our consumption. Corinne Loperfido provokes cultural change at the same speed and scale of the numerous ecological and societal crises that confront us.s.


Photo By Julian Bendana

BFA in Graphic Design
with a minor in Art History

The College of St Rose in  Albany, NY
Graduated #1 in 2009 Graphic Design Program

Photo By Geof Krum

DIY Event Producer

Pussy Power House
Big Dick's House of Big Boobs
Pretty Witches
Va-Jay-Jay Day
Next Level
+ many more one-off events nation wide

Bounce Dancer

Toured internationally as a backup dancer for New Orleans bounce rappers Big Freedia,
Katy Red + Nicky Da B everywhere from the SXSW to the Sydney Opera House, from gay pride festivals
in Stockholm + San Francisco, to dirty punk warehouses in NYC + LA

Photo By Leone Julitte

Festival Performance Artist +
Workshop Facilitator 

SXSW (2010-2013)
Bounce Dancer for Big Freedia + Nicky Da B 

Spirit Weavers Gathering(2015-2020)
Women's Empowerment workshop facilitator 

Desert Daze (2017)
10 person Pussy Power House group performance installation 

Meow Wolf - Taos Vortex (2018 + 2019)
10 person Immersive group interactive performance 

Lightning In A Bottle (2019)
4 person Roaming Group Performance
& Zero Waste + Women's Empowerment workshops

Electric Forest (2023)
10 person 90-min performance art puppet show 

Photo By Leone Julitte

Costume Designer / Fashion Stylist

Working in many mediums of wearable art from elaborate headpieces + full body carnival costumes including beading, embroidery, hand sewing and sculpture, Corinne now focuses on upcycling existing garments and using materials that would otherwise go to the landfill when making costumes, as well as mending clothes that already exist. As a stylist, she has worked with bands and magazines like Jim JamesLA Fashion WeekBUST magazine, and Meow Wolf, as well as many private clients as a personal stylist & shopper

Decluttering Doula

Corinne works with individuals and businesses to ethically declutter their closets, studios, and homes through helping them make informed decisions about what they really desire and "need", and how to get the most out of what they already have while learning how to curb "impulse buying" and how to better arrange the space for maximum aesthetics + functionality

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