As an anti-capitalist, I offer my work sliding scale and allow people to pay between what they think it’s worth and what they can afford. Check out this green bottle scale graphic below to figure out where you fall on the scale. If the photo is on this page, the item is still available. I am always open for custom orders if you send me a colors, inspo pics, budget, and timeline.

To purchase, send me an email to and include a photo(s) of the item(s) you are interested in and I can send more photos & measurements if desired. Include in your email 1. what you love about the piece 2. how much you are offering to pay (include $5-10 shipping please) & 3. if you’d like to use one of these 3 options : Venmo, PayPal, or cash app. Local pick up + cash available in San Marcos & Austin, Texas. I use reused packaging to wrap + ship items and always send the cheapest way, along with tracking # confirmation after item is shipped. 

Word Tapestries : $100-200

Made from letters cut out from used Tshirts and abandoned / stained vintage textiles or cloth napkins

Bottle Cap Necklaces :  $100-175

Made from used bottle caps, tassles made from cotton tshirt scraps +cotton rope or some tassles are rope scraps from jewelry designer NeonZinn, beads are from deconstructed thrifted jewelry or bought used from Austin Creative Reuse, adjustable fabric ties are robe + dress ties lost from their original garments sourced from the goodwill bins. The only new materials used are the wire to thread the caps onto and the metal O rings for tassles.