T-shirt Letter Shirts

These clothes were saved from the goodwill bins, the place where all the unsold goods that get donated to goodwill end up before going to the landfill and are sold by the pound. This place is where I source most of my art supplies, I like to work with things the thrift stores are going to *throw away* because they got all these donations for free and if people don’t buy them at the bins they are going to the ground. The letters are cut out from Tshirts and I use the rest of the tshirt scraps left over to make tassels for earrings and for the bottle cap necklaces. The small final scraps I use to stuff floor pillows. My goal is to use as much of the material as possible and keep things out of the landfill.

If you are wanting a custom phrase, please email me and I can make something for you! Please include your words / phrase and the colors you would like. For budgeting, think around $5/ per letter as a good starting point plus $5-20 for the textile and $10 for shipping. If you have your own clothing item you want me to work with you can mail it to me and I will sew on the letters and mail it back :)

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