SCNOW : 2024

During my Slow Fashion Center For Degrowth interactive art residency in collaboration with ArtFields, SCNOW came out and interviewed me about my installation and the meaning behind the work. Check out the full article below


#ShineYourLight is our new series in which we Glitz & interview our favorite groundbreaking artists & activists who inspire us by shining their light on issues they are most passionate about. This week we caught up with Corinne Loperfido, artist, activist, and founder of the colorful feminist art collective PussyPower House.

Meow Wolf : 2019

At a Pussy Power House gathering, participants of all genders are invited into an “immersive world of feminist delights,” says Loperfido, which includes panels, workshops, fashion shows, crafting, and other forms of celebration and wisdom sharing.

Past event themes have ranged from breast and pussy health to menstruation, masturbation, flowers, fruit, and zero waste living–whatever answers Loperfido’s lasting question:

“How can I have education and entertainment fuse into one interactive experience and be conscious of the environment while furthering my feminist agenda?” Read the full article here...

BUST Magazine : 2018

Pussy Power House, a new L.A.-based arts group dedicated to presenting “interactive events and experiences by a community of women standing together to promote self-love and personal expression,” has been making waves in L.A. since they began throwing parties last March. Pulsing with music, art, comedy, and live performances, their events follow a new theme each month—like “selfcare,” “personal growth,” and “selfishness”—while also providing attendees with opportunities to learn about herbs at a medicine bar, shop handmade goods by local artisans, and connect with their feminist community....

Article By Meghan Sara • Photo by Leone Juliette 

LA Weekly : 2016

“Pussy is porn or unseen,” Corinne Loperfido laments over the phone from Austin, Texas. “You don’t see it and you don’t talk about it … but in reality everyone wants to talk about it.”

The L.A.-based artist/creative director is known for starting as many parties as she does taboo conversations, and she dives into the funny business readily in our interview. We’re talking pussy in general, and, in particular, her latest brainchild, Va-Jay-Jay Day, during which Angelenas will have an opportunity to look deep inside themselves — literally.... Read the whole article here

Best of Austin : 2016

Best Party Promoter for EveryBody
Corinne Loperfido

As far as typical pairings go, naughtiness and "safety first" aren’t your average peanut butter & jelly, but together, they sure make being bad feel good. Illicit, risqué, and gender-f*cking party promoter Corinne Loperfido is all about striking the right balance for Austin’s queer & gender ambiguous audiences. Whether it’s a DIY strip club or a (self-identified) ladies-only dry dance party, Loperfido's carefree parties require a lot of care, and that manages to make them even more provocative. Gender be damned, she's not playing by any L or G rule book, but instead makes new space for the Q and all the other gaps in the LGBTQIAxyz (and then some) landscape that most of us didn’t even know we were missing.

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