If you are tired of coming home to a cluttered, disorganized or uninspiring house, I  specialize in complete household and studio makeovers. After an initial consultation and survey of your space, we can work room by room, creating or improving upon organizational solutions and making aesthetic improvements that work in harmony with your lifestyle.  

Getting rid of your “stuff” and changing your shopping and lifestyle habits is very emotionally loaded and challenging for most people, so think of me as a life coach for your relationship to your stuff. We can do one room, or an entire home, office or storage unit. You will be amazed at how much a space makeover will cultivate your creativity, improve your general mood and productivity, and truly enable you to use everything you have!

>> Storage Unit & Garage

Do you have a storage unit that you have been avoiding because you are emotionally overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with grandma’s fancy china? I help you tackle the unpacking, repacking, redistribution, labeling, online sales, and best places to bring donations. I provide moral support and focus, keeping you on track so you don’t get distracted or discouraged, and make a game plan for dealing with everything in the unit beyond our initial appointment. Instead of paying for more months (or years!) of a storage unit space or an eternally messy garage, I can hold your hand and help you lift boxes as we uncover things that make you say "I was looking for that thing!!" and also bring you boxes, tape, markers, and hugs as you deal with all the stuff you have been avoiding. Reclaim that time, money and space by dealing with it once and for all!

>> Closet Cleanse & Fashion Styling

Closet consultations give you the opportunity to let go of what you no longer wear and we make sure that as much as possible gets fixed and redistributed properly less things end up in a landfill. You’ll only be left with pieces that you truly LOVE, as I clean and organize your closet so that you can streamline your “getting dressed” routine in the morning. After we are done in your closet, I will create a list of key pieces to invest in so that you will have a cohesive, functioning wardrobe. You will find this process to be life-changing, confidence building, and liberating. It isn’t about having new things all the time, it is about loving what you have so that you can wear things in multiple different ways. If people want to go shopping at another appointment to get new (to them) items, I offer personal shopping + styling sessions as well.

>> Studio & Office Makeover

We all collect things over the years that we promise ourselves "I'm gonna use this one day I swear!", but ultimately most things build up and cause clutter and stress in the workplace as projects are constantly overlapping and we are pushed to go faster and faster. I will help you purge, sort, clean, and reset your workspace so that you can let go of old ideas + supplies and focus on making room for what is coming, and how to make the best use of the space. Once we have cleared space, I can help shop for new (used) furniture and supplies to even further optimize the flow in your space and keep your focused and productive instead of overwhelmed and bogged down by past projects.


As a practicing anti-capitalist,
I offer my services sliding scale
Pay between what you think its worth
and what you can afford

You're getting a cleaning lady, an interior decorator,
a motivational coach and a therapist for the price of one.

If price is an issue (especially for POC and single moms) I am always open to negotiating with people because I believe that everyone deserves this service.


I live in San Marcos, Texas 40 mins south of Austin, so for IRL appts you would need to be within one hour-ish of that. 

Additionally, I do sessions over FaceTime or Zoom for the same sliding scale rate and I can give you advice on what to keep or get rid of and advice about where to donate & sell in your area.




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